In praise of the familiar

August 30, 2017

In praise of the familiar

Half of the Cactus team has just moved house and as a neurodivergent family, the experience is extra challenging for us. We rely on routine and regularity and thrive on the familiar. Suddenly, our whole world has changed and the rug has literally been pulled from under our feet. 

As hyper-sensitive people, we notice the fine details. Everything smells different. Everything sounds different. Nothing is in the same place and we are all wandering around a bit lost. Sometimes, we wake in the night and forget where we are. 

Moving house is likely to be unsettling for everyone, but for us, it's discombobulating. 

Being highly experienced house movers, we know that we will all need to hibernate on the couch for a time locked hard into our electronic devices until we can get used to the newness of our surroundings. 

Some things help. Having familiar comfort items to keep close and smell, touch and taste, soothes us. We lean on our favourite fidgets and treasured objects to help us feel at home when home is not where it was. Our littlest one wraps himself in his beloved worn orange baby blanket. As adults, we take refuge in our collectable toys and smooth wooden fidgets. 

In this way, we will bunker down until our senses can make sense of the newness around us - until we can map out the sounds and smells and feels of our new environment. Only then will we venture from our nests and begin the process of feeling like this is home.

If you have a neurodivergent or hyper-sensitive family member, you might like to help them find an object that soothes them in times of transition and change. Something that can become their 'familiar'. Shop our range of beautiful, ethically made fidgets, cloaks and nests to find your very own comfort item.