Meet the Makers - Caroline from Le Tenon et la Mortaise

September 02, 2017

Meet the Makers - Caroline from Le Tenon et la Mortaise

In the fourth of our series where we introduce you to the artisans who make our products, we present Caroline, one half of the amazing team, from Le Tenon et la Mortaise. Caroline makes the very popular Comfort Eggs that we stock - beautiful hand crafted wooden fidgets that are so soothing to touch. Plus, they are ethically made, toxic free and all natural!

Caroline, where in the world are you based?

We are based in the region of Kamouraska, Quebec (Canada). 

What was your motivation for starting your business?

After meeting in woodworking school, we decided to move to the countryside to open our small design and woodworking shop. From our little shop nested between a river and mountains, we design and make small furniture and objects, as well as our Comfort Eggs. We started making the Comfort Eggs for ourselves and friends when we realized the effect they had on people. That's when we decided to make more of them and see where it would take us. 

What do you hope that people who buy your Comfort Eggs will get from the product?

Our Comfort Eggs are individually handcrafted, which means they are not only smooth and comfortable in the hand but also unique. The richness and warmth of the wood and their organic shape makes them a beautiful option for a fidget toy. 

What do you think about your Comfort Eggs being made available to the neurodivergent community?

We think its great to see how our Comfort Eggs can really help people who struggle with different levels of these issues. We believe they should have access to beautifully made and traceable objects they can be proud to carry around.

Our first order of Comfort Eggs sold out fast! We are so pleased to announce we now have new stock of both the hand held fidget and the necklace