Meet the Makers - Shannon and her sensory friendly costumes

July 02, 2017

Meet the Makers - Shannon and her sensory friendly costumes

In the second of our 'Meet the Makers' series we introduce you to Shannon, the ingenious creative mama behind our sensory friendly cloaks and princess aprons. 

Shannon, where in the world are you based?

I live north of Brisbane in Australia in a seaside suburb with my wife and two young daughters. I love sewing almost as much as I love coffee.

What was your motivation for sewing sensory friendly kids costumes?

My oldest daughter has been my inspiration for much of my sewing, especially the costumes. Quin is tactile sensitive and is uncomfortable wearing the cheap synthetic costumes that are available in stores. When she was 3 years old she was invited to a superhero party. So that she could feel comfortable and enjoy the party I made her a lovely, little cotton cloak to wear. She loved it! And she wasn't the only one, I've made many cloaks for cousins and friends over the years. My motivation with all of my sewing is comfort, and also visual appeal. I love being a maker, and I love that I have a skill that is helpful to my daughter and others as well.

What do you hope that children who wear your costumes will enjoy about them most?

I hope that the children wearing my costumes will feel comfortable in them most of all - so comfortable that they don't ever want to take them off! I hope that my costumes add a bit of sparkle to their play, as I know they do for my children.

You can follow Shannon on Instagram @crazylittlethingcalledhome

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