Size Guide

Hi there!

We stock a range of brands here at Way of the Cactus and have a size guide for each brand with detailed information.

Size Guides for every item are included in a link on the product's item listing.

You will see a small link for the size guide for your item just above the Add to Cart button.

In addition, here are size guides for each label we currently stock:

  1. Bhumi Childrens
  2. Bhumi Adults
  3. eleven44
  4. Earth Positive
  5. DUNS and More than a Fling
  6. Colored Organics
  7. Way of the Cactus Sensory Costumes

You can ask for a refund or exchange if the size of any item is incorrect for you or your family member. Visit this page for our shipping and returns information.

Please contact us if you have any more questions.